The French manufacturer Borea designs, manufactures and develops the Rayplicker solution from A to Z in its premises in France. This includes the spectrophotometer, the software, but also the communication platform and the mobile application.

As a reminder, Borea’s flagship product Rayplicker is a solution consisting of a digital shade scanner, a dedicated software, a communication platform and a mobile application for processing and transferring data from the dental surgeon’s office to the dental laboratory.

The spectrophotometer Rayplicker Handy allows to obtain in a single acquisition all the color information necessary for the aesthetic integration of the ordered prosthesis. Therefore, the user can visualize the color of the tooth according to different mappings: overall shade, three-part, nine-part, detailed mapping and translucency mapping of the tooth. These mappings are presented according to several reference shade guides among 6 already included: Vita 3D Master, Ivoclar Chromascop, Vita classical, Vita classical +bl, Noritake and Shofu Vintage. Moreover, the device has a patented optical measuring head deleting influences from external environment. Its ergonomics make it possible to scan until pre-molar teeth.

The data collected with the Rayplicker Handy are sent directly to the Rayplicker Vision which is an open software for analysing and archiving the acquisitions obtained with the spectrophotometer. This software can be installed in the dental office and at the laboratory. It allows simplified data management by patient or practitioner and to deepen the study and analysis of the most relevant data for the production of dental prostheses (brightness, chromaticity, hue, translucency). This tool is complementary to the spectrophotometer and makes possible to centralize patient aesthetic data: STL file, Rayplicker shade, patient pictures. This software has been developed to easily normalize and standardize the digital workflow of practitioners and laboratories.

Once the patient’s folder is completed and recorded, the production order is made and sent through the Borea Connect platform. The laboratory which has also registered to the platform instantly receives all ne¬cessary information to realize a prosthesis faithful to the order and this from any computer means.

Borea's main objective is to facilitate and fluidify the transmission of aesthetic data between the practice and the laboratory as intraoral scanners are doing it for the dimensional data. All this with the aim of improving communication between the dentist and the dental technician so that their work is simplified with a constant concern for quality and traceability.

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