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Founded in 1970, Microcopy has existed under the mindset of creating innovations for efficient, safe and simple dentistry for nearly 50 years. With the introduction of NeoDiamond® burs in 1989, we pioneered the idea of Single-Patient-Use instruments for dental practices. Single-Patient-Use meant a safer, more efficient way to practice with the elimination of cross-contamination and using a fresh, sharp bur for every patient. NeoDiamond soon became the industry standard, rapidly gaining world-wide prominence. Since the launch of NeoDiamond 30 years ago, Microcopy has expanded our Single-Patient-Use portfolio to include NeoBurr® – carbides with a blended neck® and single-piece construction on select shapes for optimal strength, NeoDrys®- parotid saliva absorbents for ultimate saliva control, Minnow® - mini polishers that provide just the right fit into pits, fissures and tooth anatomy, Bite-Chek® - articulation film with an easy grip handle, and Proxi-Chek® – interproximal articulation film that helps seat crowns by marking interproximal contacts. Quality and patient-safety have been the hallmarks of Microcopy from the very beginning. It is on that premise that we strive to provide products that ensure that dentists fulfill a social responsibility to provide better, healthier patient care. For more information visit or contact
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Director, Business Development
Walter Parra
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Daniel Leon
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