VALL-CER d.o.o.
VALL-CER d.o.o. is a company dedicated to research of zirconia ceramic as a dental material. A longstanding experience, an in-depth knowledge and collaboration with stomatological universities and dental laboratories have led in the development of a new, patent pending technology and manufacturing of an innovative product for restorative dentistry.

VALLBOND adhesive coating is a product that brings entirely new approach to zirconia surface preparation and is an excellent choice for dentists in search of reliable solutions that are at the same time simple, safe and patient-friendly. VALLBOND adhesive coating is applied on zirconia surface in a dental laboratory by a simple procedure, which eliminates common and invasive surface treatments like sandblasting and etching.

What VALLBOND does on a zirconia surface is that it increases the bond strength with luting cement, meaning the cementation of more delicate prosthetic restorations is more reliable. VALLBOND is especially suitable for ceramic veneers, crowns, cantilever bridges, inlay (maryland) bridges, inlays, onlays. Because of its properties VALLBOND adhesive coating significantly reduces the risk of debonding, an undesired circumstance that is equally unpleasant for a dentist and a patient.

For the product CE and ISO certificates for Medical Devices have been granted.
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